Why Lightneer Exists?

The question that eventually led to the founding of Lightneer was: what if we could really leverage games for learning? And not just any games. What if we could bring together some of the best game designers in the world to create real learning experiences?

After having studied these questions for almost five years, we started the company, with a mission nothing short of ambitious. Could we make learning games that are as loved and as widely adopted as the best games out there, like Angry Birds, Clash of Clans or Candy Crush Saga?

Our goal is simple.


People play on average over two hours of mobile games every day. Could we take a chunk of those two hours and direct it to something that is as much fun – but where you also learn things, ranging from particle physics to biology, from history to new languages?


We want to be the missing link that creates in an informal setting connections to topics that might otherwise not appeal to people in formal education. People young and old may explore freely things like the periodic table by playing a Lightneer game. Not because they want to learn physics, but because it’s just a really fun game to play.


Then, when they first encounter these typically complex topics in a formal setting, like a classroom, they will instantly recognize concepts that are already familiar. Instead of feeling intimidated by the complexity, the players of our games will feel excited by it. After all, a physics teacher can explain so much more about what goes on in the life of atoms.


We see our games as taking some of that space that is now occupied by casual games, social media and other digital pastimes and offering something that is as much fun, but that introduces and helps stealth learn an abundance of ideas and concepts that can then be further deepened in formal learning. This is why we don’t see our games as teaching tools – but rather as ways to have fun in a whole new way.

Because learning doesn’t need to be funified. Learning, when it happens, is one of the most amazing things we can experience as human beings. Learning is fun.

It is this new kind of fun we want to bring to the world, starting with the launch of our first game, the particle physics game BIG BANG LEGENDS in January 2017.

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