Game Executive

I had the joy of participating a few weeks ago in AaltoEE’s Game Executive training. The one week super intensive bootcamp lasted from 8.30am to 9pm each day. The daytime lectures were given by renowned business professors. The evening sessions consisted of visits to many of Helsinki’s gaming companies, such as Next Games and Playraven, as well as companies supporting gaming, such as Fondia and Barona.

Overall I was super impressed by the quality of the programme. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone looking to enter into the gaming business. Even for an experienced gaming professional looking to start their own firm or moving into an executive role, the course would no doubt come in handy.

Through the bootcamp I was thinking time and again that I should have taken the training a year ago already. Many of the things the professors and game professionals shared were what I have had had to learn through the last year mostly by trial and error – and also by abundant asking around in the amazing Helsinki gaming scene. Having had a training like this when we first embarked on starting Lightneer would have been golden.

Lightneer is the fourth company where I’ve been a founder or co-founder, so in that sense entrepreneurship is not new to me. But all the intricacies of games business ranging from customer acquisition to PR, from lifetime value calculations to coregame-metagame loops were such where I felt I got to deepen my understanding further. Also the sessions on business strategy, business models and accounting were a great way to refresh how to focus business decisions.

I’m a big fan of lifelong learning, and while the course coincided with what has turned out to be some of the most exciting and busy times in the history of Lightneer, I am super happy to have participated in the training. Not the least because of making new friends and getting to spend time with some amazing present and upcoming game executives.

I would heartily recommend AaltoEE’s Game Executive course to anyone looking to make an entry in the gaming business or looking to advance as an executive in the field.

You can read more about the training programme here.

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