The Lightneer Mission

Here’s the deal. Innumerable people in the world struggle with learning and understanding. Education is broken: according to recent research, 25% of school kids are bored to death and almost 50% of them have no understanding of why they go to school.

Our educational systems are not well equipped to deal with the learning challenges set out by a world that changes faster every day. We want to fix this. Our mission is to make learning accessible and engaging to everybody in the world.

We believe in learning games. We have learned through years of research that games are an amazing platform for learning. In fact, every great game is a learning experience.

Learning games need to be as much fun to play as the best games out there. We want to design our learning games so that, in addition to teaching a lot about amazing topics like physics, new languages, history and whatever else, they stand on their own when compared to the best games of the world.

We want to make learning meaningful beyond what it has ever been before in the lives of hundreds of millions of people in the world.

We want to start a global learning revolution with learning games.


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